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Make Your Website Faster For Successful Hungarian SEO

A vital part of Hungarian search engine optimization is making your website load faster. This applies to every website regardless of language. When people click on a link, they want to see the web page appear within the next couple of seconds.

After the search query, their goal is to find an answer to their question as quickly as possible. In the era of dial-up internet when everything was slow, it was acceptable to wait until the site downloads file-by-file. Thanks to today’s technology, those days are long gone and your website has to be optimized accordingly.

Every Next Second is Crucial

Your website represents your brand. It is the shop your visitors step into. It is the restaurant they want to eat in and if the waiter makes them wait for too long, they are going to leave. Don’t let them lose faith in your product or service.

It takes a split second for them to decide to hit that X button and close the page. We know that at least 7% of visitors are going to leave your website every second until your page fully loads. Hungarian SEO agencies that truly care about your customers and page views put huge emphasis on maximizing website speed.

speedtest results of our Hungarian SEO Agency homepage
a fast website is very important, we measure our speed with Google’s free tool

There are just too many websites to choose from. According to our experience in Hungarian search engine optimization, 80% of people who close a slow website are not going to come back. It is all about making a strong first impression.

It takes as little as 3 seconds of loading time and you have already lost 50% of your visitors. Although SEO consists of many different parts, none of them matters if your website is slow. Google’s guidelines are always there to help you. As many as 10 years have passed since they advised us about website speed being a crucial factor.

This is still true. Don’t let the future of your brand slip out of your hands. Invest that little time and effort and optimize your website speed!

Hungarian SEO Practices for Making Your Website Faster

Search engine optimization in Hungarian relies on the same practices that keep all websites successful on the Internet. First off, you can start with turning off unnecessary plugins – if you are a WordPress site owner. Turning off expansions that weigh down your website will instantly make it faster.

Consider removing some of the widgets as well. Check your sidebar and start contemplating whether you really need them or not. The next step is to look into some tools that walk you through each and every element that is slowing down your site.

Even though people overwhelmingly use Ubersuggest for English SEO, it has proven to be very useful for Hungarian SEO as well. If you want to check out your site speed, all you need to do is enter your domain name, hit Site Audit and check it out below.

Homepage of Neil Patel's Ubersuggest - We use this tool at our Hungarian SEO agency

Then, you can start taking baby steps by fixing issues one-by-one until your site gets the “excellent” grade. There is also PageSpeed Insights developed by Google that has proven to be useful for many website owners.

Google's PageSpeed Insights in Hungarian

You always have the chance dominate the search engine results but only if you keep doing it until you get the best grade.

Proper SEO Makes the Main Content Appear First

Even if there is some waiting time, don’t let the other elements of your website load first. The Hungarian content your visitors are looking for should appear first, then the rest of the page. Just imagine that you have a question and the text that answers it appears at the very end.

Wouldn’t you be mad? Rightly so, as you could find the answer in a matter of seconds elsewhere. We can conclude that SEO in Hungarian requires you to take every next 0.5 second seriously. The more your visitors have to wait, the more of them are going to leave and keep browsing elsewhere.

Don’t let yourself fall for one of the beginner mistakes in SEO. Make it your goal to cut down a few of those 0.5 seconds leveraging the power of search engine optimization. Then all you need to do is to enjoy the traffic you get!

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