Thank you for using the professional services provided by Content Management Bt., Hungary (“We”).

The following terms of service apply to projects undertaken by us, to which you agree when you use our service:

Contract Policy

The contract can be terminated at any time by both parties without paying any penalties. In case of termination, the articles that were already written, must be covered in full.

Article Return Policy and Revisions

If the customer is not satisfied with the service, we offer a one-time rewriting service. The customer can ask for a revision or for rewriting in 8 calendar days after getting the written articles. The counter starts when the items are sent to the customer.

In case the customer does not ask for revisions in the agreed 8-day period or if the rewriting has already been made once, the project will be considered as completed and should be paid for in full. If the customer is not satisfied with the end product, the services should be paid for.

Quality and SEO Policy

All our articles are unique and checked by We cannot guarantee that other tools or human proofreaders will find the articles unique. However, so far, never missed any mistakes.

In case of SEO services – including but not limited to advice, tips, SEO articles, meta titles and descriptions – our work is just a suggestion.

You can never be 100% sure with SEO as it always depends on Google’s plans and changes and even on the customer’s competitor’s similar work. We cannot guarantee their behavior and practices. Thus we cannot guarantee the results. A solution that is today valid in SEO might be invalid or even harmful tomorrow.

Our articles and/or SEO work should be used on the customer’s responsibility. We are not responsible for any damages, losses, losses in profit, penalties, or other disadvantages that might occur due to our work or any other work.

Dispute Policy

In the event of any dispute arising from or in connection with the present contract, so especially with its breach, termination, validity or interpretation, the parties exclude the state court procedure and agree to submit the matter to the exclusive and final decision of the Permanent Arbitration Court attached to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Commercial Arbitration Court Budapest).

The parties accept that the Arbitration Court proceeds in accordance with its own Rules of Proceedings (supplemented with the provisions of the Sub-Rules of Expedited Proceedings). The number of arbitrators shall be one, and the language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be Hungarian.

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