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Using Strong Meta Descriptions and URLs in Hungarian SEO

Whenever you get to the point of writing a Hungarian meta description, you need to stop for a second. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to craft a powerful string of words for that field. This part is often neglected for some reason, so now is your chance to become the one who always avoids this mistake.

A meta description has to be relevant and unique. You need to grab people’s attention with it as they browse on Google and bump into your website. Their eyes need to stop there for a bit and contemplate instead of just scrolling through it.

SEO in Hungarian Can’t Rely on Duplicate Content

The worst thing you can do is to rely on duplicate content. Of course, you can cite something every now and then on site, yet it definitely shouldn’t become your method for writing descriptions. Long-term success in Hungarian search engine optimisation always depends on unique and well-polished content.

Copy-pasting meta descriptions you have used in the past won’t take you anywhere. In fact, generating such content can even get you penalized in the long run, if not right away. And it’s not only Google that doesn’t like duplicate content.

You are providing your readers with a bad user experience at the same time. The aim should be to satisfy their needs and answer their questions, yet they are going to turn their heads away from you. There are different pages on your website with different purposes.

Always hire a reliable and professional Hungarian copywriter!

Highlighting Page Differences in the Meta Description

Let’s say, one of your pages is talking about the importance of newsletters. Meanwhile, there is another one on attracting potential customers to your website. Writing the same meta description in Hungarian for both of these pages would be absolute nonsense.

The differences between the two pages have to be assessed. In the end, the description you write should highlight those differences in a way. There are highly popular plugins for WordPress users that can help you write outstanding meta descriptions.

We have two recommendations for you, one of them being Yoast plugin and the other one being the All-in-One-SEO Pack. They provide you with an easy way of writing unique meta descriptions in Hungarian SEO by scrolling to the bottom of your WordPress editor.

yoast seo box
the Yoast SEO box before adding the meta elements

Proper URL Usage is Key

The second important thing we are going to talk about is using powerful URLs. Writing them correctly is definitely a great skill to pick up in Hungarian SEO. A good URL is readable and it has meaning. When user’s see it, they need to be able to determine what your page is really about.

There are many confusing URLs out there that don’t let users derive any useful information by reading them. Don’t worry about the length, as it doesn’t necessarily have to be short. Instead, concentrate on writing a strong title that grabs the reader’s attention.

Focus on the Quality of the URL for Better Results

You might end up with a long one but if it’s easy to understand, then it’s completely fine. Using numbers or dates in the URL doesn’t say anything to the readers and to the search engine either. Google’s job is to follow what the users do and if they are confused, then the search engine will be confused too.

Of course, it is better to keep the URL 3-5 words long if you can afford to. For users, it is easy to memorize while for search engines, it is easy to handle. SEO in Hungarian requires well-crafted URLs, just like any other language.

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